Cookery courses

We offer tailor made Cookery courses that are fun and informal, starting from a half day to get your hand in with lunch or up to a full week of culinary inspiration  from the market produce of the region.


An introduction to the European tradition of pork cookery.

Terrines de campagne, Pate de foie de voilailles, Rillettes, Sausage making Chorizo and Merguez, Pork pies and piccalilli and more…

Seasonal Veg

An eclectic approach to whats growing in the local potages, inspiration for pairing herbs and spices with grains and pulses, vinaigrettes , sauces and pickles.

Substantial salads that will motivate your move to a healthier vegetarian diet.


Fresh from the Mediterranean from the boats of Grau du Roi, Oysters, mussels and clams for the Etang de Thau. Fish is an important part of the diet here – salt baked bream, marinated anchovies, mackerel escabeche, black risotto with cuttle fish , clams with linguini, mussels brassucade with herbs from the Garrigue, garlic and pernod – depending on whats signing to you from the counter.

Courses start from €150 for a market visit, 2/ 2.5 hours in the kitchen and lunch. Friends joining for lunch are charged at €25 per person.   Contact Fergus