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2018 Harvest – Grenache ECHAPPEZ 2018 available @161 london

2017 Harvest Grenache grappions Goutelle available @ 161 London

With the help of Herve and Joyce we picked 500 kilos of old vine Grenache. We are glaneurs or gleaners, picking up the grappillons and the bunches missed by the pro pickers. Our lovely friend Thierry Forestier has lovingly tended these vines for years without the use of any herbicide or pesticide . The tanks were leant by the Moulin brothers who make the astonishingly good and whacky POMPOM rouge

Eating and tasting wine with friends from Londons Terrier restaurant, 161 – great places to taste incredible Natural wine and food. Sitting in Thierrys vine yard as the sun sets drinking the wine next to the grapes it was made from … wow thats what I call local.

2017 Harvest

IMG_1034 Dinner at Puech Cuckoo

Dinner at Puech Cuckoo


IMG_5778 Bottling our Grenach – 500 bottles by hand !

IMG_0596 Aramon

IMG_0353   Souvignargues Wine fest 2015IMG_6834                                    queenie with our home made faggot  IMG_4966  IMG_0053  post  vendange dinner  IMG_6836

Picking the Cinsault and Syrah with friends Ben and Becca, queen and Fin and many more ! just outside Montpellier 2016.

IMG_0046  IMG_4991

P1230433  P1230416

picking the grenache with more friends ! different ones !

_MG_1375   _MG_1445

Taking the Mar to the pressoire during the last part of fermentation of the Syrah/ Cinsault