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Go compare, Go compare….£50 at the producers market , Antigone, Montpellier sunday morning
veg man 3 Batavia, 500g spinach, 1k chard £3.00 lovely geezer
Veg woman a bunch of black radish,2 kilo spuds £5 rip off
3 plump pears £2.50 youre joking mon agriculteur!
1k sourdough rye £3 chic girlfriend of baker-  he’s off hang gliding  -how cool are they?
2 litres of untreated Jersey milk , a little yoghurt and 200 g mature Tomme- £3- OMG  small holders -they’ve got pigs too.
Organic beef Shin and Paleron -should do 6 serves of braise £13 !!!! Nicola where are you ? ils me mocquent
A fat poulet beautifully served , gizzard cleaned , sushi grade livers and an extra  carcass for stock £20
I’m getting to love this Sunday morning event ; remembering how the arrival of the Blackheath Farmers Market changed the way we cooked at HMF . Its not cheap but the passion and graft is there.