I’ve bought a new thermos flask. I cant imagine what went wrong with the last one- I thought the modern ones lasted a lifetime -but it stopped delivering insulation. I am sitting on the bank by a plot of Thierry Forestier’s 100 year old Aramon , having a hot cuppa looking out to the Pic St Loup and the Cevennes beyond. Aramon was widely planted in the late 19C and

Turn and face the chard , ch.. ch.. chard

New best EVER chard recipe… We are taking a trip to Marseille where the speciality is bouillabaisse – I hear it doesn’t come cheap- and why should it ?It must have at least 4 different types of fish , the stock needs saffron, the garnishes include Rouille – its a lot of work . I’ve heard talk of a bouillabaisse buger which I’d like to meet , but I also

In the Carignan at Souvignargues

Bird takes advantage of Goblet pruning in the old carignan The Cevennes viewed from the vineyard – It feels like Spring is sprung , but its too early. If we get a freeze it will be catastrophic for the buds. There is a small but growing gang of natural wine makers in Souvignargues. They are part of the “Quilles ( skittles ,slang for bottles )De Joie” association . Vicky and