Monsieur Moulin of Ville Vielle,  makes wine – the Pom Pom rouge – and grows  organic chic peas. We met him through the Souvignargues possee- the ambassadors of the vin nature  in our area. Therefore, carried away with gastronomic excitement this week we are mainly eating chic pea  and drinking the natch- not every night of course.
I did a shift at the the Marmite in Nimes .George cooked chic peas and squid  in the style of  his mate Flaco Paco – chic peas, spinach and cured ham.
Back at home with my love of chard we cooked it like this …
Ingredients for the veg …..
A few handsome leaves of chard
2/3 cloves of garlic
an onion
olive oil
cooked chic peas
Cut off and discard the bottom inch or so off the chard stalk and trim any dark matter. Strip off the green leaf ( we are going to add it later after weve done the stalk which is tougher). Cut the stalk into neat centimeter or so dice . Cut the onion down similarly , chop the garlic. Heat plenty of olive oil in a saute pan , throw in the veg season with salt and pepper and cook over a medium heat until the stalk is tender adding a small glass of water or chic peas cooking juices, to help it on its way.When just tender add the washed shredded leaf , a little more s and P and stir together to wilt it. Now add the cooked chic peas .
The sauce..
3/4 cloves garlic peeled and evenly thinly sliced
1 heaped teaspoon sweet smoked paprika
olive oil 5 tablespoons
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar– nice stuff if poss!
in a small pan not too deep heat enough olive oil for the garlic to swim in, When warm add the garlic, stand over it , stir it .Watch the garlic..when it just starts to go golden take the pan off the heat throw in the paprika stir for 5 seconds then add vinegar and stire all together- adjust seasoning . Ramon from HMF called this “llauna” essential Andalucian dressing – sweet, smokey, spicy ,olivey, acidity
The squid
The freshest you can get 100g per person Cleaned , cut into rings,  tentacles left how you like, skin on for colour and full medditeranean flavour
Get your best heaviest pan or grdddle to squid temp- smoking hot! 450 degrees – you shouldnt be able to hold the palm of your hand close to the cooking surface for more than a few seconds. Glug in a little olice oil , season squid with S and P and sear away! maybe 2 minutes , dont overcrowd the pan do it in batches if needs be.
Put the warmed veg and chic peas on the plate ,squid on top and drizzle over the sauce sharing out the fried garlic.
Ole flaco, que Tal?