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I have been experimenting with white ground the last 2 weeks – and most successfully on small copper plates which I have been etching with Edinburgh Etch. It would probably be better to use Nitric Acid but its hard to get hold of over here in France so i’ve had to make do. I’ve been using it very thinly aquatinting afterwards so that I can utilize the smoothness of the plate surface to drag the brush over. Etching for between 10 – 15 seconds to create soft greys.
It has been great to create tonal images rather than linear repeated images, these are closer to the drawings that I have been making in the studio of deserts underwater, using hand tinted paper.  The large greenhouse plate I have been working on this week too – I’m very excited about this one – shifting it over so that it creates a continuous space between real and imagined – I wanted the sense of fragility and vanerability of nature and so i’m keeping it very linear with no aquatints.
Excited to be showing in Barcelona 21×21 Exhibition and London this month – with Bearspace Gallery
Timeline exhibtion on until march 3 – more info