Today 29th Dec we signed our compromis de vente – in the Notaires office in Marsegargues. . We have promised to buy a huge house in the village of Junas about 30 mins from Montpellier and 20 mins from Nimes with 3 large Gite apartments.
It was a momentous decision with many many u turns along the way – we signed our compromis – with the owner and the estate agent and 2 Notaires in a small office. All in all it took 2 hours of paper shuffling – the internet was down in the Notaires office so all the corrections had to be done by hand . We must have signed 50 or 60 pages and they will all be couriered to us in duplicate !
Dont say you weren’t well informed whispered our english speaking Notaire.
but its good to know we can still agonise over it for another 10 days and withdraw if we need to – Talk about sitting on the fence ! I dont think i can take any more discussions on the subject !
We desperately needed to commit to something as staying where we are isn’t an option – it’s 3 hours driving minimum a day to school there and back and we are a bit crammed in one room here on top of each other and for budding teenagers and adults thats a bad move !
What joy to finally be able to do all the things we have been talking about.