What excess we have metered out to each other and ourselves this Christmas. Our hosts were so generous , most likely to be heard saying “what would you like to drink Ferg ?” or is” Ferg  still conscious ?”.
My carefully considered reply was usually ” how about something zingy and fresh” .
I love staying with my brother and family in London. He also gets very excited about wine . This Christmas we were lucky to share some second wines of  2006 first growth Bordeaux . Best was Carruades de Lafite-  superb, fruity,elegant, barrel mellowed but with the youthful acidity to punctuate evert gulp.
Before we tucked into a Downton style Boxing day feast  I opened a couple of bottles  of Souvignargues wine before the heavy artillery arrived from Bordeaux. We tasted Le Carré Des Longues Rose and Le Carré Des Courtes Syrah. It says on the bottle … “vin de pays et de Famille ” .They are from the Scarlatas who live in Nimes and have a hectare in Souvignargues. 2015 is their third vendange . We met Renaud in the vines in 2014 after the Quilles De Joie – they are tucked away down a track in a gorgeous little valley . The Syrah is on the upper slopes and the Cinsault lower down closer to a little stream .
This is a tiny production operation, not for making money : made for friends and exploring wine. Made I reckon to prove that superb wine that packs a punch can be made without adding Sulphur Dioxide or any thing else . The rosé has an aroma of redcurrant , cranberry , and granny smith the palate is medium weight ( most people guess it as a red with lights out) more red fruit with a lingering fruity acidity. The red is pure dark blackcurrant goodness, the palate is assertive and clean but with enough mellowness and relaxed tanins to balances.