Compromis and promises

Today 29th Dec we signed our compromis de vente – in the Notaires office in Marsegargues. . We have promised to buy a huge house in the village of Junas about 30 mins from Montpellier and 20 mins from Nimes with 3 large Gite apartments. It was a momentous decision with many many u turns along the way – we signed our compromis – with the owner and the estate

La Vie Associatif

Tonight was a big night …. last year when we arrived after a few months we were invited by a school mum to the local Teleton. We had no idea what a Teleton was….. so we went. Luckily for the boys it was mainly a dancing Teleton, which meant groups of younger women gyrating to very innapropriate US and UK Rappers – I dont think the parents were truely aware of

Flaco Paco's chic peas

Monsieur Moulin of Ville Vielle,  makes wine – the Pom Pom rouge – and grows  organic chic peas. We met him through the Souvignargues possee- the ambassadors of the vin nature  in our area. Therefore, carried away with gastronomic excitement this week we are mainly eating chic pea  and drinking the natch- not every night of course.   . I did a shift at the the Marmite in Nimes .George cooked chic

Top five survival tips for french school

1.Do not ,what ever you do, fail to present uncompleted homework unless you wish to spend the next three hours copying sentences (I found out the hard way). 2.Buy A rucksack wich can withstand at least 500kg of school books and papers. 3.Be prepared to run at least 800km if you ever hear the word “demi font” (I was so unprepared). 4.Try to encourage people to speak to you in

Quilles de Joie -Natural wine fair in Souvignargues

Souvignargues is home to a growing number of vigneron who work organically and make their wine with zero or tiny amounts of ( SO2) sulphur di oxide .We love this stuff – its that feeling you get when you walk into a restaurant and it feels good, smells alive -it is alive – its not been dosed up with SO2 or manipulated with process and additive along its journey from

Palavas, Palavam, Palavae

  I’m over excited. There is Latin in our house as part of school and I cant stop declining stuff. Palavas is a small port down the road  where a handfull of small boats come offer the mornings catch on the quayside. On a cold grey morning this week I came away with sea bass , bream, a sardine like creature, turbot and tuna.  The fisherman are so enthusiastic its

Florentines with Martha

(Makes 18) 45g butter 60g demerara sugar 60g candied peel, chopped 45g dried cranberries or sour cherries, roughly chopped 45g soft dried figs, roughly chopped 20g pistachio kernels, roughly chopped 60g blanched almonds, cut into slivers 15g plain flour Pinch of salt 1 tbsp double cream 200g dark chocolate, broken into pieces Heat the oven to 180C/350F/gas mark four and line two baking trays with lightly greased parchment paper. Melt

Residency at Maison de Gravure Montpellier

Having joined the fabulous Maison de gravure at Castelnau-le- lez  on the outskirts of Montpellier I have just found out this week that I have been awarded a small residency. This means that I can have access everyday for 3 weeks for long periods. I have been trying to carry on making work using it only for 3 hour periods every week and then supplementing it with whole days when

My girls mad at me … make Houmous not war

Pour un bon houmous D’abord il faut trouver des bonnes pois chiches sechées et les tremper pendant une nuit bien soumergées dans l’eau froid. J’ajoute une demie cuillère à café de Bicarbonate De Soude afin de adoucissez leurs peau Le matin on change l’eau et les fait cuire sur un feu moyenne . Surveillez les qu’il sont toujours couvertes de l’eau Sauce Tahini tahini ( un pate de graines de

Ceps pickled with jerusalem artichoke cream

This is a seasonal restaurant style starter for when you really have the time and want to celebrate the mushroom season. It can be planned and done the day before and then warmed through to serve. Preparation 1 hour. 4 people starter  ingredients : wild mushrooms : Ceps / Girolles or pieds de mouton ( can use a mix ) 200g per person jerusalem artichokes   300g good white vinegar ( muscatel